Mother’s Day celebrations started early this week with a whole day put aside to acknowledge our amazing mums.

There was great excitement during the preparations as we were finally able to invite the special people in our lives, our mums, to join us for a Mother’s Day Prayer Service. 

There was an early service for those who had other commitments during the day followed by a service held for each grade to acknowledge these important women in their lives.

Kindergarten began their prayer service with Anouk reading the following prayer: 

Today we thank God for all mothers, grandmothers, aunties and other special women who show they love to us. We also remember all the mothers and grandmothers who are in heaven with God. 

We also thank God for the example of Mary. Who always showed love for her son Jesus.    

During the service there was a special tribute to acknowledge all the strong women in our lives who do so much for us. The tribute, which was organised and collated by our REC, Alicia van Deventer, was a compilation of pictures of the students, their mums and other significant women in their lives. 

Each grade concluded their service with the John Burland song aptly titled ‘A Song for Mum’.

With the following lyrics as the chorus there wasn’t a dry eye in the hall:

Mum I want to tell you

Just how much you mean to me.

Your loving touch, Your gentle ways 

They’re never far from me.

 You are my greatest friend.

On whom I can depend.

You know I’ll always really love you Mum.